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Eco Council

Eco council are made up of children from Reception to Year 6.  In the Autumn Term children who would like to be a member of Eco Council put their names forward for election.  The junior children make small speeches to their peers about why they should be the class Eco member. 

Everyone in the class votes for the person they would like to be their Eco Council member.  The successful candidates are revealed in assembly and given a badge to wear for that academic year. 

During the year they regularly attend meetings with Miss Inman and draw up action plans and job roles.  This year Eco Council have been working hard to gather evidence together to achieve the Green Flag Award.

Eco Council for 2016-2017 are as follows:

Reception - Lucas, Scarlett-Grace and Max

Year 1 - Aaron and Alice

Year 1/2 - Corey-James and Lily

Year 2 - Caitlyn and Lewan

Year 3 - Isabella and Yvi

Year 3/4 - Miley and Thomas

Year 4 - Jayden and Gracie

Year 5 - Matthew and Lucy

Year 6 - Johnny, Aimee and Elysia