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School Ethos Council

School Ethos Council are elected on a yearly basis and regularly attend meetings with Mrs Hammond.  At the start of the academic year children who would like to represent their class on School Ethos Council put their names forward.  In KS2 children prepare and perform small election speeches to persuade their peers to vote for them. 

When all the campaign speeches are over children from each class take part in an election afternoon where they can vote for the child who they would like to be their Ethos council member.  The successful candidates are then revealed and congratulated in assembly and awarded a badge to wear with pride for that academic year.

During School Ethos Council meetings this year they have generated new ideas for the playground, took part in pupil voice meetings and positively promoted the core values in and out of school.  This year School Ethos Council have also been putting plans in place to introduce new play leaders at break and lunchtimes.

The School Ethos Council members for 2016-2017 are as follows:

Reception - Amelia, Jack, Alissia and Jacob

Year 1 - Jess and Teddy

Year 1/2 - Marnie and Ava

Year 2 - Ellie and Aarav

Year 3 - Becky and Dylan

Year 3/4 - Ewan and Nicole

Year 4 - Isabelle and Joe

Year 5 - Summer and Aaron

Year 6 - Jessica and Jay