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Junior Dukes

At Parklee, we are proud to take part in the Junior Dukes scheme. We run it throughout the school and have children from reception to year 6 taking part. 


What is Junior Dukes


The Junior Dukes scheme has run since 2007. It aims to help children between 4-13 to learn new skills, develop talents and prepare them for the wider world. At each age group children complete 7 different challenges which include First Aid, learning to swim, cookery, domestic challenges, caring for others, puncture repair, washing the car, climbing a hill whilst carrying your own rucksack, polishing your shoes, making a sandwich, reading The Broons, making a presentation, playing Monopoly or chess and many other fun things!


We at Parklee are proud to be a part of this scheme and promote it throughout our school. 


Junior Dukes say that they;

"Help children worldwide to reach their full potential by gaining skills and new talents leading to independence, confidence and heightened self-esteem whilst readying them for life."


Each year group has a different book that they complete. 


Reception- Micro Dukes

Year 1- Silver Mini Dukes

Year 2- Gold Mini Dukes 

Year 3- Bronze Junior Dukes

Year 4- Silver Junior Dukes

Year 5- Gold Junior Dukes

Year 6- Platinum Junior Dukes


What our children say;


"I have enjoyed doing my Platinum Award because it has taught me life lessons and life skills that I can use at High School. It changes you as a person because you have independence and it make you grow as a person"

Jake- Year 6 


"I have done my bronze Junior Duke Award this year. I have really enjoyed learning lots of new skills and my mum helping me to complete them"

Isabelle- Year 3


"I really enjoyed washing the car with my dad for the Junior Dukes. I did it with my mum and dad. I really enjoyed making and eating a sandwich for one of the challenges" 

Ralphie- Year 2  


"I have done my second certificate this year. Me and my mum made a Christmas pastry this time and it was brilliant. I really enjoyed the Awards Evening and getting to dress up"

Lyla- Year 3


"For my Junior Dukes this year I have learnt how to repair a puncture. I think this is a really important skill as it isn't something we learn at school. I can't wait to do it again next year"

Ava- Year 5 


" It was amazing. I have learnt to make a website and how to cook a chicken Tikka. It's definitely worth doing and I really enjoyed it." 

Leo- Year 6


How do we celebrate children's achievements?


Each year, when children have completed their 7 challenges, they are invited to our Parklee Awards Evening. Children get to dress in their best clothes and strut down the red carpet where they are awarded their certificate and badge. It is a really special evening and a highlight on the yearly Calendar. 

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