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If you have any concerns regarding Safeguarding, please do not hesitate to contact our designated leads either by telephone on 01942 874203 or by email at

Designated Safeguarding Leads:

Miss RJ Wood (Deputy Headteacher)

Mrs T Christey (Learning Mentor)

Mrs D Roper (Headteacher)

Deputy Safeguarding Leads:

Mrs E Goulding (Assistant Headteacher)

Attendance & Learning Mentor:

Mrs T. Christey      

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We are committed to safeguarding children and promoting children’s welfare.

Our first priority is that ALL our children feel safe and happy.

Miss Wood and Mrs Goulding are qualified practitioners for 'Trauma Informed Schools' 

"Trauma Informed Schools in an organisation committed to improving the health and wellbeing and ability to learn of the most vulnerable schoolchildren in the UK, namely those who have suffered trauma, abuse, neglect and/or have mental health problems or attachment issues."

Trauma Informed Schools UK


We are working towards being an accredited 'Therapeutic School'

TPC Therapy: Children's Mental Health Service

The purpose of Wigan Encompass is to safeguard and support children and young people who have been involved in or witness to a domestic abuse incident.

Domestic abuse impacts on children in a number of ways. Children are at increased risk of physical injury during an incident, either by accident or because they attempt to intervene.

Even when not directly injured, children are greatly distressed by witnessing the physical and emotional suffering of a parent.

Encompass has been created to address this situation.

It is the implementation of key partnership working between the police and schools.

The aim of sharing information with local schools is to allow ‘Key Adults’ the opportunity of engaging with the child and to provide access to support that allows them to remain in a safe but secure familiar environment.

Following the report of an incident of domestic abuse, by 9.00am on the next school day the school’s Key Adult will be informed that the child or young person has been involved in a domestic incident.

This knowledge, given to schools through Operation Encompass, allows the provision of immediate early intervention through silent or overt support dependent upon the needs and wishes of the child.


Coronavirus (COVID-19): Keeping children safe from abuse and harm



Parklee Community Primary School

Wardour Street, Atherton, Manchester M46 0AR

Mrs Dawn Roper - Headteacher

Miss Rebecca Wood – Deputy Headteacher & SENDCO

01942 874203 |

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